QUEST Species Identification

QUEST students are required to pass an ID test before the application due date. This test is used to help select participants for the class.

A number of resources are listed below. It is highly recommended that you set aside the time to study the listed species. You will be tested on the correct identification and spelling of both the genus and species name.

There are over 200 species of fish, invertebrates, and algae on the QUEST species list.

Each MOP campus will offer an ID course and test for students. QUEST students are required to know the 200 species found commonly on Hawai`i's coral reefs.

Need to take the exam from out-of-state?

Contact the UH Hilo MOP Staff Coordinator to make arrangements.

QUEST Study Materials

  Fish Invertebrates Algae
Species Lists
ID Slides
(with names)
Practice Slides
(no names)
Flash Cards
(print and cut)

QUEST ID on Quizlet (Spring 2020)

- Quizlet QUEST Prep

Flash Modules (updated July 2015)

- Modules on UH Hilo Marine Science website

QUEST ID on Quizlet (Spring 2019)

- Quizlet QUEST Prep

Additional Resources for Species Identification

- Literature References

- Helpful Websites

- Inverts

- iPhone/iPad Applications