certificate recipients

MOP coordinators and certificate recipients at the regional MOP symposium.

MOP Certificate Program

An experiential learning opportunity that allows students in any major to add a marine science component to their education.

The Marine Option Program offers a certificate program for any University of Hawai`i student with an interest in the ocean. The MOP Certificate offers students the opportunity to conduct research or do an internship in a marine related field.

Why get a MOP Certificate?

In preparation for graduation, you will likely be looking at graduate schools and employment opportunities. The MOP Certificate is a great way to set yourself apart from other candidates. Your MOP Certificate attests to your experience in proposal and research paper writing, conducting original research or completing an internship, and presenting your work to large audiences, such as at the annual MOP statewide symposium. It demonstrates your willingness and ability to apply your classroom knowledge to real-world applications. With a MOP Certificate, prospective employers or graduate schools will recognize your ability to go above and beyond what is needed to graduate from a university.

Not a Marine Science major? Not a problem! The MOP Certificate program is a great way to add a marine science component to your education and provide an experiential learning opportunity.

The MOP Certificate will appear on your transcript upon graduation from the University of Hawai`i.

Certificate Requirements

Students are required to complete a minimum of 14 credits in approved classes and complete a project or internship to earn their MOP Certificate.

  1. Required MOP Courses (5-7 credits)
    • - MARE 100: Marine Option Program Seminar (1) and
    • - MARE 104: Marine Option Program Project* (2+2, repeated once for a total of 4 credits; can be repeated for up to 6 credits)
  2. Survey class (3 credits):
    • - MARE 140: Intro to Hawaiian Coral Reefs (3 credits) or
    • - MARE 171: Marine Biology-Diversity (3 credits) or
    • - MARE 201: Oceanography (3 credits)
  3. Electives (6 credits): Any marine-related course approved by the MOP Faculty Coordinator.
  4. Skills project or internship**, approved by the MOP Faculty Coordinator.

*MARE 104 Marine Option Program Project Course Description: Fundamentals of proposal writing and project development. Students conduct a marine skills project, required for the Marine Option Program Certificate, with the assistance of a mentor and MOP coordinators. This course will provide strategies, methods, and techniques for successful project completion. Pre: MARE 100 or instructor's consent. Repeatable for a total of 6 semester hours.

**See examples of current and past MOP Projects.

Getting started on a MOP Certificate

There are many paths to completing your MOP Certificate, but it is best to begin in one of two ways:

Enroll in MARE 100, the MOP Seminar: This course is the orientation to the Marine Option Program. It also provides an overview of ocean issues and organizations involved with marine activities, management, education, research, and business. The course explores opportunities for internships, research projects, independent study, and careers.

Attend MOP Field Trips and Events: MOP events will introduce you to a variety of opportunities in the marine science field, and inspire MOP project ideas. By attending MOP events, you will have the opportunity to interact with MOP faculty and potential mentors that can get you started on your MOP Certificate requirements. See the MOP Field Trips and Events page for information on how to sign up!

Starting your MOP proposal or internship

Interested in a project, have an idea in mind, or want to do a marine internship? See one of the MOP coordinators, then:

  1. Download the MOP Proposal Format form.

  2. Meet again with the MOP Faculty Coordinator, then complete the Proposal Cover Sheet. Once approved, you may begin writing your proposal.

Completion of the MOP Certificate

Once you have completed all requirements for a MOP Certificate, you may apply to graduate from the program. Typically, students wait until they are ready to graduate from the University to submit this application, but are welcome to apply as soon as all requirements have been met. As MOP is a system wide program, timely submission of this form is important to get it posted to your trasnscripts.

To apply for graduation from MOP, please download and complete the UH Hilo MOP Certificate Checklist.

The MOP Graduation Checklist will provide information on how to submit your proposal, final paper, and other information.

Once all paperwork has been submitted and approved, your certificate will be printed and presented to you! Students who graduate from the Marine Option Program are recognized each semester either at the Annual Fall BBQ at Onekahakaha or the Spring MOP Graduation.